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Our Projects

Patient Education & Outreach:

Health Care 101 Conference Calls
Health Care 101 calls help patients navigate the maze of health care - providing the resources to truly understand our current health care system. Patients need to work “smart” as consumers of medical care. That’s real “patient power.”

“Rx For Patient Power: The Patient’s Handbook”
This original book answers the most frequently asked questions by patients about doctors and the medical system.

“Patient Power” Workshops & Other Events
On –site workshops to be held in partnership with local non-profits or charity groups, such as patient/disease support groups. Topics will include practical advice such as how to talk to your doctor, how to appeal an insurance claim denial, and how to negotiate fees.

“Patient Power” Public Service Announcement campaign
National radio/web video campaign pushing patients to become “empowered patients.” Topics addressed include: “How to talk to your doctor” and “Taking control of your health.”

Second Opinion – “Patient Power” online/email edition (weekly)
Weekly update on policy and health care issues for patients. second opinion taking pulse

Health Professionals Education & Outreach:

P ³ - Patient Powered Practice workshops:
These are practical workshops taught by physician volunteers to help their colleagues incorporate consumer-directed-healthcare into their practices and to become more responsive to their patients. These workshops will be supplemented by webinars and online-learning.

Second Opinion – online/email edition for professional (weekly):
Weekly update on policy and health issues for health professionals.


Doctor Attitudes of Health Care
DPMAF believes legislators, media and the public need to understand doctor attitudes and opinions of PPACA and the current landscape of health care.

“The State of Health” State-Based Solutions Initiatives
A comprehensive report of free-market, state based initiatives available that support freedom in medicine for doctors and patients. 

State by State Comparison of Insurance Costs & Impact of State Insurance Compacts on Patient Choice, Access and Affordability
Doctors and patients need to be more educated regarding the variance of state insurance costs, and the various mandates compare/contrast of the states with highest insurance premiums. This information will be particularly helpful to state legislators as they consider passage and implementation of state insurance compacts with other states.

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