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DPMA Foundation provides research and information that supports freedom in medicine for doctors AND patients across the country, providing the tools they need to understand the health care system and communicate effectively with one another.

We conduct educational campaigns and activities to

1. Educate patients about ways they can assert control over their own medical decisions

2. Assist physicians in developing and maintaining practices that will encourage better communication with patients and greater patient freedom.

Numerous studies show that the average doctor's office visit is seven (7) minutes, and patients need help to make the most of that time with their doctors and other healthcare professionals. DPMAF believes that an educated consumer is an empowered consumer. We believe the key to a successful patient - doctor relationship is communicating directly, and participating as active partners in health care of individuals and their loved ones.

The DPMA Foundation provides information that will:

  • Bring patients & healthcare providers together for common purpose of maximizing access to affordable medical care while minimizing third-party interference;
  • Educate patients across the political spectrum about the U.S. healthcare system and policy and how it directly affects their access, choices and costs;
  • Educate physicians and other providers about healthcare policy and how it impacts their freedom to practice;
  • Educate physicians and other healthcare providers on how to create thriving “Patient Powered Practices” (P3)® that incorporate elements of consumer-directed-healthcare.

Join today with thousands of doctors and patients - standing together for medical freedom.

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